Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say It in Song

I ran across this song the other day and thought it summed up how I sometimes feel.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthday Season Begins

Birthday season is upon us. February brings Eli's 4th. March will be my "somethingth". Colton will be 7 in April, and Tim will be older-than-me in May. We've been trying to plan Eli's birthday party, and February is a hard time. It will most likely be too cold or wet for the kids to go outside to play. As we began to look into having the party elsewhere, cost became an issue. So, we began to toy with a new idea. After looking carefully at Eli's guest list, we noticed that the list was almost identical to one Colton would make for his party. Since their birthdays are February and April, we decided to do one big party in March.

We've enjoyed for a while now doing their annual pictures in March as well. It makes me wonder when Keely and Maggie's birthdays will be. We aren't really any closer to bringing them home, and I'd be lying if I said that I'm not saddened and frustrated by that. I know that God is in control, though, and I trust that my girls will be home someday.

I'm almost halfway through my medical transcription course. It's not gone as quickly as I had hoped. The material I have studied so far has been very dry and monotonous. So, it doesn't call my name every spare moment like a good novel would. I just pray that I can push through the boring stuff and get finished. I'm also praying that God is already preparing work for me. All I have to do is find it.

Tim has been spending all of his spare time researching SUVs. His car is 19 years old and on its last leg. I do not like driving it anymore. Our search would be easier if we were only looking to seat the four of us, but it seems a waste not to go ahead and plan for 6. We would just have to get another vehicle when the girls come, or we would at least lose the convenience of being able to transport everyone in either vehicle.

Colton is surprising me with Spanish. He is also enjoying the history I added the second week of this semester. Eli is a character and doing well with reading when he wants to do a lesson. For now, I'm not pushing it if he doesn't. Let's keep it fun.