Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yard Sale 2009

It looks like we are finally ready to jump into another yard sale. We are going to do things a little differently this time. We are once again taking donations, but we didn't give folks an awful lot of warning. (It sorta snuck up on me, too.) We announced it to our church, and I'm putting it here. We also went today to a house not far from us. They had an adoption yard sale last weekend and offered their leftovers to us. So, we will take what we had left from last year plus anything else I've found in the house plus these leftovers plus anything new from our church family and put it all together for a Saturday Only yard sale on May 9. When this sale is over, we are getting rid of everything. Later this summer, we'll try to pull together fresh donations and maybe hit a few yard sales for their leftovers and do this all again.

The other thing that is different this year is that (if I don't chicken out) I want to try to do this as a "donations only" yard sale. A friend did hers this way recently and was very successful. I think what I hate most about yard sales is all the effort I put into coming up with a price only to have someone haggle with me over it. I just want to scream, "Do you have any idea what I went through to come up with THAT price?" Not pricing anything sounds very freeing to me.

So. If any of you out there in BloggerLand (and within driving distance) has anything you wish to donate. Let me know. We'll be glad to pick up from you as long as our van can handle it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Exercise

Yesterday, I walked into our living and saw this...
When I asked what they were doing, they said they were seeing who could keep their legs in the air longer. Hmm. Maybe it could catch on as some new kind of exercise. Ya think?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Boys

Now, don't take it personally when I say that my boys have got to be the most wonderful kids I know. (I hope you would say the same to me about your kids.) They are so close and protective of each other. They snuggle and love on each other. It's so sweet...until they start fussing and feuding again. Yes, they actually are normal kids, too.

Last Friday, we went to have our annual pictures taken. Birthdays are over for them for this year, so they are officially 7 and 4. I can't believe it! So here are my cuties...