Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dossier News

I can't believe almost a month has passed since my last post. I had just sent our dossier to our placing agency. I found out a few days later that they had already sent it on to Bulgaria. They spoke with people in Bulgaria and got "permission" to go ahead and send it WHILE updating Tim's med letter and still trying to get my FBI clearance letter. So, it is being translated now. Then we wait for the match...

Of course, our wait will be a busy one. When we accept a referral (and soon thereafter) we will need to spend approximately another $10,000. Traveling twice and final fees will result in roughly another $10,000. Can you say "yard sale"? Now trying saying it a LOT...REALLY FAST. I guess that's about how many we will do.

In non-adoption news, we will be starting our school year next week. Colton will be in 3rd grade, and Eli will actually be starting kindergarten. I haven't yet finished writing everything in the plan books, but I hope to be finished soon. Also, Tim had knee surgery on Monday. He seems to be recovering very well.