Thursday, September 27, 2012

Court Date!

We have a court date!!  Our Bulgarian team will be appearing before a judge on October 9 to finalize our adoption.  M & V will be legally our children in all ways except that they are staying with "friends" in another country.  : )  

Once they are declared ours, we should find out when we will travel.  The estimate is 4 weeks but could be sooner or later.  (I know, that doesn't clear up a whole lot.)  They need passports that reflect their new names (DeMoss, that is), and birth certificates that have their new names and our names as their parents.  When all documents are ready and the orphanage directors accept them, then we can travel so we can complete a VISA interview at the US embassy in Bulgaria, gather all documents, and bring our kiddos home.

The month of September marks 5 years since we decided to get on this ride.  I'm so glad it is coming to a close.  I can't wait to have all of my family under the same roof.

Last thing.  If you haven't voted for us yet in Show Hope's adoption awareness  promo, please do.  You can click on the link (or picture) on the side bar.  It seems you can click on our picture, and then click the heart button AND the like button.  It's kind of like two votes at once.  Please share with your friends as well.  We need 1500 votes to earn some extra adoption cash, and I don't really think we even KNOW that many people.  Voting ends Sunday, September 30.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vote Team DeMoss!


Recently we received a grant through Show Hope.  Now, we are one of only five families who have been asked to participate in a very special promotion they are doing.  This doesn't cost you a single dime, but it could result in an extra $300-$1600 for us.

1.  Follow this link to Show Hope's Facebook page.

2.  If that should take you to their main page, look for the I    Adoption Promo.

3. You may need to Like their page or the Promo, before getting to our picture, and you will need to accept the app that runs this.

4.  Find our picture on the Promo page.  Our four-some is wearing black and standing with a tree.  Our caption begins, "We are the DeMoss Family..."

5.  Once you are on our picture, please click the heart button to "give us your heart".  Some have clicked the Like button here, and some have said you have to like first before you can "heart".  Either way, make sure you heart us.

If we can get 1500 hearts, we earn an extra $500.
If all five families can earn 10,000 hearts together, we each earn an extra $300.
Whoever earns the most hearts, gets their money doubled.

This promotion runs through September 30.  Please pass the word to as many people as you can!

(No news on our travel plans.  No updates from the kids.  The rooms are coming together, though, and I can't wait to share pictures when they are finished.  It's actually been fun trying to maximize a small space!)