Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Fun Night

Since my last post, we have worked on our home study, had a great Christmas, worked on our home study, had a great New Year's, worked on my transcription course, worked on the home study, researched (again) and changed our math curriculum (We're switching from Math-U-See to Math Mammoth. Let me know if you would like more info.), and worked on the home study. This week we submitted the last items to our social worker. She thinks she can have our home study written up and ready for us by Feb 11. With that in mind, I hope to get everything ready for our dossier, the I-800A, and maybe even a couple of grant applications. As soon as I have that home study in hand, I can start sending those things off.

I haven't had the nerve to check, but I think we will also be due another payment to our placing agency when we submit the dossier. That means we need to hit some fundraising again. Since it is too cold for a yard sale (not to mention all the snow and ice outside right now), I thought I'd suggest February Fun Night. I'm looking for 10 people who will participate.

All you have to do, is organize a Fun Night fundraiser for a group of your friends. Let them know that this is a fundraiser for our adoption and ask them to bring a $10 donation to the event. The group you invite might be your Sunday School class, your scrapbooking friends, your cousins, a mini-reunion of college friends, your daughter's friends, your son's scout troop, your church's youth group, etc., etc. The possibilities go on and on.

What do you do at this Fun Night? It's entirely your choice. Offer snacks and a movie, work on a common hobby, have game night, a Wii party, kareoke, or Girls' Night Out. Let your daughter have a slumber party for donating guests. Have pizza night.

If you don't want to provide the snacks, you could put in $10 like everyone else and take the cost of the party out of the collection. Whatever is left is how much your party can send in.

Just think! If 10 people participate and have 10 people come to each of their parties and donate $10 each, that would be $1000. I would feel really comfortable going into this dossier with an extra $2000 ready to be sent here and there.

If you live nearby, I'd be glad to come share our story about adoption. If you live further away, I can email you a printed version you could share with your guests. Or, share the story as part of the invitation if you think that would be helpful.

Let me know if you have questions.

Let me know if you want to SIGN UP.