Sunday, February 5, 2012


Told you I wouldn't make it back on here before Christmas.  We are now entering what I call Birthday Season.  Counting our extended family, we have birthdays every month from January through October.  For the 4 in our actual household, we run February through May -- one per month.  Eli's is next week.  He'll be 7.  It's hard to believe that we went to our first informational adoption meeting just a little after Eli turned 2.

School is going fine.  I'm still working on pacing ourselves and trying to balance school with housework, adoption work, and just-stuff-I-really-wanna-do.  The boys are doing well academically.  Of course, I'm their mom and teacher, so I think they are brilliant.  I must confess that I have to continually remind myself that they are kids and that they are not me.  Sometimes they have a different perspective about school than I did at their age. I probably need to cover our school time in more prayer than I do.

I'm still working on that weight loss thing.  My contract with Curves is almost up.  I wish I could go regularly, but I just can't.  We are too crazy busy.  So I'll be glad to quit making monthly donations to their company. ; )  But I absolutely MUST find time to exercise on my own and find a way to make sure I stick to it.

The boys are getting restless about the adoption.  I can't say I blame them.  It must look like we are all talk and no action.  They want the girls to hurry up and get here.  We actually did get a call recently asking if we would consider a sibling set of 3 instead of 2.  Of course, we would consider it!  And we did consider it.  And it hurt really bad to say that we didn't feel we could support 3.  It's not that I don't trust God's provision.  I've always trusted that He will provide the funds for our adoption fees, travel expenses, etc.  But, Tim's a teacher; I stay home; our income is what it is.  To adopt ONE more child than we have right now would not be a huge blow to our budget.  To adopt 30, would be a huge blow.  It would be insane and impossible.  So somewhere in between 1 and 30, is a line where just one more is too many.  I don't know how to find that exactly, but right now it feels like that line is between 2 and 3.  TWO is okay; THREE is too many.  It was tempting to say yes just to make the process finish and go away.  When I was pregnant, I tried to "enjoy" every moment of the process...knowing that it was temporary.  Now, I'm like the woman who loves her babies but hates everything about being pregnant.  I am not enjoying being paper pregnant.  I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass.

It does show that our papers are before the MOJ, and they know our names.  They are trying to match us.  So maybe Keely and Mattie will be here before too much longer!  Guess I'd better get back to my fundraising!

Happy Valentine's Day (a little early)